We Had a GREAT Run!

Mommy Has Tattoos was the first dedicated publisher of quality entertainment for today’s tattooed families.

Our simple belief back in 2005 was that kids should see parents who looked like theirs in the books they were learning to read from. Relatably tattooed parents, at a time when there were literally NONE in all of children's literature, felt like a no-brainer. 

Our first book Mommy Has A Tattoo sold out in hardcover here in the USA (7k copies sold) and was translated into German the following year and sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as "Mami Hat ein Tattoo!" Retailers like LIttle Marc Jacobs, Ricky's NYC and Hot Topic carried the hardcover and both the industry and mainstream press loved the story... (continued below)

Mommy Has A Tattoo
Daddy Has A Tattoo
Tattoo Coloring Book #1
Tattoo Coloring Book #2

Our lone author/illustrator did scores of tattoo conventions in support of the book and met many amazing people and parents along the way.

Unfortunately we were about 10 years too early to cash in on the adult-coloring-book craze but for what it's worth - we saw that coming back in 2007 as plain as day. Our Tattoo Coloring Books inspired a solid dozen copycats, but were the first of their kind, and though our lawyer insists we could sue a couple of them (who used our name exactly and copied our layouts) for TM infringement... this was meant to be fun and we're moving on.

In 2014 our author/illustrator and DIY businessy-person Phil Padwe packed up with his wife and moved to England for two years. At that time operations largely ceased and the books went out of print.

Writing this in 2019 I want to thank you for the mail from kindergarten classes, school teachers, parents, and of course... all the toddlers who sent us drawings and said it was their favorite book. That is seriously the coolest thing!!!

Maybe we'll be back with a grandma book one day... but in the meantime, thanks so much for the memories! Visit us on Facebook where we've got 40,000+ likeminded people on our page (which isn't updated much)...

Much love,

Phil Padwe (2019)